Bookish Things To Do In Spring

Hi, readers!

It seems like across the country, more and more people are experiencing snow and winter weather than warmer spring temperatures. Although, to tie this in with my current read, Louise Penny’s The Cruelest Month, town favorite Ruth Zardo waxes poetic about spring:

“We all know what to expect in other seasons. But not spring. The worst flooding happens in spring. Forest fires, killing frosts, snowstorms and mud slides. Nature’s in turmoil. Anything can happen.”

The weather may not be pleasant, but there are still lots of ways to have fun! Today I’m sharing ten bookish things to do in spring. Because spring’s weather is oh so complicated, these activities can be completed outdoors and indoors. These indoor activities will have you loving books and reading all season long!

  1. Read a book set in spring. Need recommendations? Check mine out here.
  2. Visit a literary landmark in a city near you!
  3. Wait for a warm day and spend the afternoon reading outdoors.
  4. Spend a weekend purging your bookshelves. Return long lost library books, donate gently loved copies, and sell used copies to a local independent used bookstore.
  5. Make your own bookmarks. Perhaps a floral theme?
  6. Visit your local library and attend a class, presentation, or activity! My local library has lots of fun outdoor activities planned, including nature walks, beekeeping classes, and gardening tutorials.
  7. Read a book of poetry. Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? I’m partial to Mary Oliver, Emily Dickinson, and Sylvia Plath.
  8. Swap favorite books with your best friend!
  9. Visit your local bookstore and ask a bookseller for a recommendation. Don’t be shy! That’s what we’re there for!
  10. Join the Dewey 24 Hour Readathon happening April 28!

That’s it for today! Which activity will you tackle first? What bookish things do you like to do in spring?

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