Currently Reading: March 2018

Hi, readers!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty quiet, which is always nice. I did a lot of reading and flew through the book See What I Have Done, which is a creepy and well written story about Lizzie Borden. On a far less eerie note, anyone else see A Wrinkle in Time? I did and really enjoyed it! It’s not getting great reviews but I thought it was a fun kids’ movie. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Today I’m sharing what I’m currently reading. I typically read several books at the same time and I do this for a few reasons. It ensures that no matter what kind of reading mood I’m in, I always have a book to pick up, which means I’m reading pretty frequently. Also, there are some books that I’m much more likely to read in just a few sittings, as opposed to a book that I will pick up and set down and read over a longer period of time.

Here’s what I’m currently reading…

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal

I only just started this book yesterday. This is the March pick for Reese Witherspoon’s book club. It’s about a young woman named Nikki who starts to teach a creative writing class in order to help support her family financially. But there’s a mixup and she ends up teaching her students basic literary. And when they start to write their own stories, they end up being much sexier than expected! This promises to be a heartwarming and fun read and I’m really enjoying it so far! I expect this to be a pretty quick read.

Killing the Black Body by Dorothy Roberts

This is definitely one of those books that I like to read slowly. It’s a nonfiction read that applies a black feminist lens to the ways in which black women’s bodies are controlled and oppressed. This book is difficult to read at times in terms of content, but I think that just makes this book that much more necessary to read.

The Odyssey as translated by Emily Wilson

And here’s another slower book for me! I read The Odyssey in high school but didn’t love it. I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology, though, and am really enjoying Wilson’s translation of The Odyssey. This is such a long book and it lends itself well to multiple reading sessions. I’m reading this book as part of my Tome Topple Project, which you can read more about in this post.

Reading People by Anne Bogel

Here’s another nonfiction read! This is a fun little book by the creator of the blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy. It’s a great take on a variety of personality tests and how to use your personality types to interact better with your friends, coworkers, and significant others. I’m really enjoying this book and have already learned a lot about myself! This is a great read for me right now because I can read a chapter, and set it down for a few days without forgetting any story details.

That’s it for today! What book(s) are you currently reading?

I am an affiliate with Book Depository and as such, receive a tiny commission should you choose to click through any of the above links and purchase the book(s). Thank you for supporting A Word is Power!

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