Bookish Things To Do In Winter

Hi, readers!

Who else is enjoying the cold weather? Just me? It’s certainly not freezing in Colorado, but winter is very much in the air. And not that there’s ever a bad time for books and reading, but winter is an especially good time to curl up indoors with a great book and a cup of tea.

Today I’m sharing ten bookish things to do in winter. These indoor activities will have you loving books and reading all season long! Let me know in the comments below what you like to do in winter.

1. Read a book set in winter. Need recommendations? Check mine out here.

2. Visit your local library and attend a class, presentation, or activity!

3. Organize your bookshelves by color. Or by title! Or author! Or genre!

4. Make your own bookmarks.

5. Curl up with a cup of tea and your favorite literary adaptation film/show. Or invite some friends, get some pizza, and watch together!

6. Start a new high fantasy series or mystery. May I recommend The Bear and the Nightingale or The Woman in the Window?

7. Host a book exchange party with your friends.

8. Visit your local bookstore with a friend and challenge each other to pick one book for the other person. Buy the books.

9. Stay indoors and peruse all of the ‘books we’re looking forward to in 2018’ lists! Here’s one from Bitch Media to start.

10. Join the #24in48 Readathon happening at the end of January!

That’s it for today! Which activity will you tackle first? What bookish things do you like to do in winter?

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