2018 Reading Goals

Hi, readers!

Now that it’s January, it’s only fitting that we discuss resolutions. I’m not a huge believer in resolutions as something strict to follow. But I am more interested in goals. Goals are something to work towards. If you don’t accomplish a goal, that’s okay! Reevaluate and create new goals. As such, I like to create goals for my reading. These goals are really more of guidelines for my reading. In the past my reading goals revolve around reading a certain percent of books by women or people of color. I’ll update my progress periodically here on the blog!

And now, my reading goals for 2018!

Read at least 50% women authors.

This is something I do pretty easily and regularly. But I like to keep this on my yearly goal list so that I continue to choose books written by women.

Read at least 50% authors of color.

I tried this goal last year. I was not successful. This year, I kept the same goal, but my intention is to be more conscious of it. My plan is to review these goals as I’m choosing books to read each month, which will hopefully remind me to find books I want to read that happen to be written by authors of color.

Read four large classic novels. #TomeTopple

I’ve been intrigued by this concept for awhile now! #TomeTopple comes from Booktube, or Youtubers who have book/reading channels, and focuses on reading larger books from your TBR list. I like this idea because large books (think 400+ pages) tend to be overlooked or considered daunting. I’m also using this goal to read some classic novels that I’ve yet to read!

Complete the Reading Women Challenge.

One of my favorite book podcasts, The Reading Women Podcast, started an annual reading challenge! You can find their prompts here. I’m already having fun selecting books to fit each challenge and I know this will be a great challenge throughout the year!

Complete the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge.

Book Riot is doing their own annual reading challenge! The link to their Read Harder Challenge is here. This is always a fun one to attempt and I think they’re being a little more realistic this year than they were last year.

That’s it for today! That may seem like a lot to tackle this year but remember, they’re just goals. These are merely ideas to work towards. What are your reading goals for 2018?

2 thoughts on “2018 Reading Goals”

  1. I’m trying to get back into reading after having a baby last year. 2 years ago I read like 70 books. Last year, not counting things like Good Night Moon and Robot Burb Head Smartypants, I’ve read like 15. There’s no way I can get back to 70 again, but I would like to at least get to 25 or so.


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