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Hologram Intrycko

Stridsvagnsvägen 14
291 39 Kristianstad
gps: 56.045581,14.147161

phone no.: +46 406 931 187
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Company's specialisation

Are you looking for solutions to protect the products you manufacture? If you are afraid of foreign companies illegally replicating your goods, get in touch with Hologram Intrycko and learn more about their offer. They specialise in holographic security tags, which are taped to the surface of a protected product. The most popular items equipped with these solutions are CDs and DVDs, credit cards and membership passes. Visit the company's website and choose an option best suited to your brand's needs.

Secure your products with a hologram

Each hologram made by that company is going to help you in preventing the illegal replication of your products. If you simply want them to be equipped with a security label, choose the standard option. However, if you want the hologram to also reflect your brand, definitely pick the individual design. This way you will be able to include your company's logo or the product's serial number on the tag. For client's with special requests, they also offer unique solutions like transparent and scratch holograms.


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