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Company's specialisation is a source of useful and interesting information about the revolutionary invention known as a biofuel fireplace. The wide collection of articles concerning everything from architecture, design and even the physics of this solution will be valuable for every person who wants to incorporate it into their apartment. To make sure the readers have the best options available to them, Lovter provides a whole assortment of useful links to some of the most reliable sellers of fireside and supplements for keeping it in the right shape – fuel, cleaning products, etc.

Heat source

Since every home interior is different, it is important to provide the readers with a variety of ideas for instalment of a biofuel fireplace. A modern studio apartment will look great with minimalistic option, while a massive stone wall is going to need a bigger, more prominent fireside to stand out. Lovter makes sure every person finds inspiration among the many articles concerning biofuel fireplaces. Moreover, very detailed descriptions of chosen products and their types will help in choosing a suitable interior or exterior heat source.

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