Legal services for German-speaking clients

Anwaltskanzlei SALVUS

Karola Libelta 1a/2
61-706 Poznań
gps: 52.410316,16.923511

phone no.: +48 576 012 977
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Company's specialisation

SALVUS is a law firm, which provides a number of services to clients from all over Europe. The company is located in Poznań, but the assistance is directed mainly at German-speaking countries. They work closely with a number of business owners from Germany, but also individual clients needing the aid in various legal proceedings. The broad knowledge and experience of these lawyers from Poland, helps in successfully leading various cases and representing legal entities before the court of law and public offices.

An experienced attorney from Poland

The customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for this company, therefore they make sure their team consists of truly the most efficient specialists. An attorney from Poland is much more fluent in Polish law, so his assistance in matters concerning the formal recognition of companies or dealing with Polish courts is greatly appreciated. SALVUS individually analyses each case the clients bring, to offer the most complex and adapted to needs services, like consulting, court appearances and legal documents drafting.


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