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Echappement Auto

5 Rue de la Bonne Dame
88-600 Fremifontaine
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Company's specialisation

Echappement Auto is a company equipped with a number of automotive parts, mainly components of exhaust systems. Their products come from praised manufacturers, known for using solid and trustworthy materials. It is one of the many reasons the clients are so eager to cooperate with this online shop - the ordered elements are durable and work for many years. The assortment includes catalytic converters and particulate filters responsible for cleaning the soot and silencers, tasked with muffling the sounds vehicles make.

Catalytic converters for various cars

Catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system found mainly in petrol engines, responsible for the filtration of the toxic substances found in soot. It is because of it that the atmosphere is much less polluted than it could be, considering the number of cars driven in the world everyday. Its state needs to be frequently controlled, especially by owners of older cars. Echappement Auto sells catalytic converters which fit into many vehicles, therefore the customers will be able to find those which can be installed in their model.


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