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Sword was the most popular weapon in the past, because it was used for thousands of years, while being constantly modified. Namely, the oldest prototypes of this cold steel date back to 3100 BC. Special Replicas company has collected various models from different historical eras and nations, so you can find there a replica of almost every sword. Firstly, there are the ancient ones, based on weapons used by the Greek hoplites and the Roman legionaries. Then, there are for example Viking, Templar, samurai and Celtic blades. Check the whole offer of Specialreplicas store.


The military successes of the Vikings are still very famous and exciting for many people, also due to numerous books, films and video games about them. In the recent days, the TV series about Ragnar Lothbrok is particularly popular, making the audience more and more interested in the life of these powerful warriors from the North. In the shop, you can buy a Viking sword and feel how it laid in the hands of seafarers from the 8th-11th centuries.

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