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Every company wanting to create a good promotional gadget should get in touch with 3D Stickers! This company deals with doming stickers to increase their longevity and resistance to wear. This incredulous substance gives the chosen graphic a nearly three dimensional depth. Because of the coating made of this artificial mixture, the logo is impenetrable and does not wear down. It is incredibly popular to pick this solution when preparing promotional items, simply adding them to an already shipped products is going to increase their value immensely.

3D Stickers

3D Stickers have been producing these elements for many years now, knowing what substance to use exactly to gain the best results and impress the clients. Moreover, their attention to detail and affordable prices mean that not only huge corporations decide on the cooperation, but also smaller, local businesses. Even though doming stickers is time consuming – not a lot of them are produced at once and very often they need to be manually controlled, the achieved effect is worth all the effort – the products are genuine and solid.

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