Eco-friendly fireplace: Innovation and design


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Cheminée éthanol EXPO is a platform focused on bio fireplaces, created by dedicated fans of this particular element of interior design. The website is incredibly informative, carefully describing popular producers and some of the most innovative solutions. Its assistance will be highly appreciated by people who are looking for a unique product, which meets their needs and preferences. The imagination of the designers knows no bounds, because they are constantly developing new and eye-catching projects the customers can choose from.

Wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplace

One of the most frequently chosen options is a wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplace. It can be hanged just like a painting, without taking a lot of the precious space in the room. An eco-friendly fireplace does not require a chimney, because the combustion of bio ethanol does not produce smoke nor any other possibly dangerous substances. People who appreciate the sight of natural wood will be able to buy ceramic logs, which imitate various species of trees - oak, pine and beech and are not affected by the high temperature.

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